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January 10th, 2018 3:01 AM

How much is an appraisal? You can expect to be quoted a fee of $300 to $350 at a minimum. The scope of work involved for your report will determine my fee quote. The fee is based on several factors, but not on the value of the property. As a professional appraiser in South Florida since 1998, I have completed thousands of appraisals. Our market is constantly changing, every neighborhood is different, and every home is different. Extensive research is key in this profession.

Oftentimes I will have a good idea of what your fee will be within minutes of my initial online research of your home and the market area.

Please contact me for a FREE fee quote for your next appraisal report. Thank you, and remember to visit my Facebook page and like it if you do!

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February 1st, 2017 11:30 AM
Each year, thousands of people in Florida purchase, sell or refinance their home. A lot of these transactions contain a simple line item for an appraisal. Even though there are a multiplying number of automated home valuation processes that might appear to be more economical than an appraisal, the majority of lenders still need a local expert because the stakes are very high.

You might assume that obtaining a mortgage is the only reason to get an appraisal, but there are additional instances when the services of a certified, independent real estate professional might be helpful such as:  Divorce settlement, Estate liquidation, County tax dispute, PMI removal, or determining what price to list your home for sale. Contact me now to discuss your situation in a private, confidential manner.  If you need a professional appraisal report for your property in Broward County, I am here to help you!

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