Preparing for an appraisal from Jennifer's Appraisals, Inc.

To help the appraisal go as smoothly as possible we generally recommend to have these documents, if available, ready for the appraiser (if they are not accessible through public records):

  • A survey or plot map of the property and building (if readily available).
  • Information on any written private agreements, such as a shared driveway with a neighbor.
  • List of personal property to be sold with the building.
  • Title policy that Lists encroachments or easements.
  • Any inspection reports, or other recent reports for termites, EIFS (synthetic stucco) wall systems, septic systems and your well.
  • A list of any major home improvements and upgrades, the date of their installation and their cost (for example, the addition of Energy efficiency upgrades or roof repairs) and permit confirmation (if available).
  • Information on "Homeowners Associations" or condominium covenants and fees.
  • A list of "proposed" improvements when the property is being appraised "as complete".

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Once your appraiser arrives, you do not need to escort them along on the entire site inspection, but generally you'll want to be available to answer questions about your property and be willing to point out any home improvements.

Here are a few other tips:

  • Accessibility: Make sure that all areas of the home are accessible, especially to the attic and crawl space.
  • Housekeeping: Appraisers see quite a few homes a year and will look past most clutter, but they're human beings too! A good impact can mean a better value for your home.
  • Maintenance: We often suggest repairing minor things like leaky faucets, missing door handles and trim.
  • FHA Inspection Items: In the case of your borrower trying to apply for an FHA loan, be sure to ask your appraiser if there are extra things that should be done before they arrive. Some things they may recommend might be: Install smoke detectors on all levels (especially near bedrooms); A commonly overlooked item for these types of loans is normally needing handrails on all stairways; peeling paint should be removed and repainted; provide inspection access to the attic and crawl spaces.