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Payment Options For Your Appraisal Report
June 28th, 2018 5:02 AM

You have options when it comes time to pay for your appraisal from Jennifer's Appraisals, Inc. We now accept payment by credit card as well as check or money order. With the convenience of a PayPal Mobile Card Reader you can pay at the door at the time of your appraisal appointment. Additionally, you have the option to receive an invoice via email to be paid prior to our appointment.

How much does your appraisal cost? The cost of your appraisal is based on several factors because each property is unique. We never charge more for appraisals based on the value of the property. In rare cases, the fee quoted may increase when the appraisal becomes so complex that it requires multiple visits to the property and/or excessive time.  Of course we will discuss this with you, and obtain your approval to continue, prior to proceeding.

As a professional appraiser in South Florida since 1998, I have completed thousands of appraisals. Every neighborhood is different, and every home is different. Oftentimes I will have a good idea of what your fee will be within minutes of my initial online research of your home and the market area.

Feel free to contact me for a FREE fee quote for your next appraisal report.  Thank you, and remember to visit my Facebook page, and like it if you do!

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